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Gypsy and traveller safety

By following a few safety tips, you can keep you and your loved ones safe from fire in your caravan or mobile home.

The video below explains what you can do to prevent a fire, if you cannot view the video the main points raised are also listed below. You can also download a leaflet containing the information at the bottom of the page.

Smoke Alarms

  • Fit a smoke alarm.
  • Test your smoke alarm once a week and replace batteries immediately if needed.
  • Don't use cleaning products on a smoke alarm, either wipe it with a damp cloth or use a vacuum to clear dust from vents.

Carbon Monoxide

  • Fit a carbon monoxide (CO) detector and test it once a week. Replace the batteries immediately if needed.
  • Do not block air vents.


  • Don't overload plugs. Using an adaptor with a lead is safer.
  • Do not run electrics from one caravan to the other.

Gas & Heaters

  • Ensure all gas appliances are Gas Safe installed.
  • Ensure clothes are not left to dry next to heaters.
  • Turn gas off when not in use.
  • Keep gas away supplies from heat sources.
  • When gas is in use, keep upright and secure.

Smoking & Naked Flames

  • Don't leave naked flames unattended.
  • Don't put lighters or matches where children can reach.
  • Smoking inside can be dangerous - smoke outside instead.

Cooking Safety

  • NEVER try to extinguish an oil fire with water - it will explode.
  • Be careful with liquids around electrics in the kitchen.
  • NEVER put metallic objects into a microwave.
  • Never leave cooking unattended that a child could reach.

Outdoor Safety

  • Ensure gas supplies are kept a safe distance away from your caravan.
  • Keep your caravan 6 metres apart where possible to ensure any fire cannot spread from caravan to caravan.

You can download and print off the information in printable booklet form below.

Fire safety for Gypsies and travellers (pdf 4,516.85 KB)