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Useful documents

Here you will find a list of all documents that your business may find helpful to keep your property and employees safe.

Fire Safety Log Book

This details the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly checks that should be completed on the fire precautions in your business and gives you a place to record that these checks have taken place. This includes signing when staff training has been completed, that the fire alarm system is being tested on a different call point each week and the monthly checks of your emergency lighting. Along with gaining certificates for when these are checked throughout the year by a competent engineer you can also record these inspections in the logbook. Some of the checklists may not be relevant to you (hose reels) so these pages do not need completing.

Fire Safety Log Book (pdf 836.08 KB)

Fire Safety Check List

This is an extra document to your Fire Risk Assessment, the checklist helps assist you in identifying whether you are completing/testing the items we would look at in a fire safety audit.

Fire Safety Check List (pdf 553.99 KB)

Fire Safety Maintenance Check List

This document gives a brief overview of what fire safety matter should be checked in a weekly, monthly, six monthly schedule which coincides with the fire risk assessment as it will help to understand the significant findings within the premises.

Fire Safety Maintenance Check List (pdf 110.04 KB)

How to complete a Fire Risk Assessment

A basic guide of how to complete a fire risk assessment.

How to complete a Fire Risk Assessment (pdf 228.64 KB)

A Guide to Choosing a Competent Risk Assessor

If you do not complete the FRA yourself, this guide will cover how to find a competent risk assessor.

A Guide to Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor (pdf 704.26 KB)

Blank Fire Risk Assessment for Small to Medium Premises

As per the example risk assessment this is an evaluation of your premises identifying hazards or potential hazards and determining the likelihood (risk) that such hazards will cause harm.  See the fire risk assessment page for further information on completion of this document.

Fire Risk Assessment for Small to Medium Premises (pdf 19.92 KB)

Fire Risk Assessment for Communal Areas HMO etc

A blank fire risk assessment template to help Responsible Persons owning a House in multiple occupancy to complete a fire risk assessment.

Fire risk assessment for communal areas HMO etc (pdf 123.11 KB)

Fire Instructions

A blank fire action notice

Fire instructions (pdf 51.13 KB)

Staff Fire Instructions

A fire action notice for staff

Staff fire instructions (pdf 51.48 KB)

Staff Training Information

A basic guide to what staff should know with regard to fire safety within a premises.

Staff Training Information (pdf 11.18 KB)

Business Safety Advice Leaflet

DFRS basic information on fire safety responsibilities, housekeeping, means of escape, fire alarms, extinguishers, staff training, emergency plans, arson, details of area office contacts and the BSA email address for advice.

Business Safety Advice leaflet (pdf 1,311.53 KB)

It’s only a bin fire! Leaflet

Simple steps to manage waste within businesses.

It's Only a Bin Fire! (pdf 519.76 KB)

Making your small paying guest accommodation safe from fire leaflet

Government guidance for rental accommodation such as holiday lets, B & B’s etc.

A guide to making your small paying guest accommodation safe from fire (pdf 1,066.48 KB)

DFRS Fire Safety Guidance for Self-Catering Holiday Lets leaflet

Information and guidance to help responsible people reduce the risk of fire and comply with the Fire Safety Order in self-catering holiday lets.

Fire Safety Guidance for Holiday Lets (pdf 541.69 KB)

Landlord guidance for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (amendment) regulations 2022: guidance for landlords and tenants - used in sleeping risk premises.

CO2 details for LL 2022 regs (pdf 2,507.69 KB)

Other useful documents

File TypeSize
Appeals Challenges and Complaints Procedures for Fire Protection pdf252.82 KB
DFRS and the Licensing Act 2003 pdf28.43 KB
DFRS General Service Standards - Fire Protection pdf244.14 KB
DFRS Powers of Entry Code of Practice pdf82.27 KB
Heritage Fire Safety Guidance v2 pdf243.49 KB
Hot Works Leaflet pdf1,529.34 KB
PN-Fire Protection Enforcement pdf146.23 KB
Tri Service Unwanted Fire Alarm Signal Procedure pdf579.38 KB
Unwanted Fire Alarm Signal Procedure FAQs pdf210.73 KB

NFCC Event safety documentation