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DIY Safe and Well Check

You have taken the first step to ensuring both your own and your family's safety. By using our on-line form you will be able to carry out your own review of fire safety in your home.

All Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service visits and attendance to events will be considered on a risk based approach due to the current Covid restrictions.

We all know we should have smoke alarms and consider fire safety in the home, but we rarely evaluate how safe our homes actually are, which is why we’ve created a quick and easy questionnaire to help. 

By answering the following questions, you will be able to get helpful advice on any actions you need to take to keep your loved ones, and your home, safe.

Smoke Alarms

If you do then you don't need to make any adjustments - but we would advise you, if possible, to fit a smoke alarm in each bedroom.

If not then please click here to read more about fitting your smoke alarms.

To help remind you to continue to carry out this essential test why not sign up to our Twitter feed and be reminded each week via our 'Test It Tuesday' campaign.

If not then please read information on checking your smoke alarms. Smoke alarms save lives!

The position your smoke alarms are installed is an important factor in the early detection of a fire. To ensure your smoke alarms are correctly positioned read about where to install smoke alarms.

Action in the Event of Fire

Great if you do and you have an Escape Plan. Please make sure it is up-to-date and understood by all members of the family.

You really need to read our article on creating a household escape plan.

If they do, great.

View our help on what to do if their escape is blocked which could save lives.

Clothes, Candles, Smoking and Bedtime

Let's hope it never happens - but if you do know then make sure you pass that information on.

Stop! Read our information on what to do if your clothes catch fire and the correct steps to take.

If you do and want help to quit there are pages on our website that will refer you to other sites that will help you do just that. Read our help on stopping smoking.

It is always useful to be knowledgable with fire-prevention.

Stay safe when using candles. Read our article for preventing candle fires.

Make sure you're up-to-date with your bedtime checks and prevent potential fires.

Cooking, Electrics, Portable Heaters and Furniture

White Goods

You can find out more about registering your white goods here.

Read more about what you can do if a product has been recalled

Open fires / log burners

You can find out more about using an open fire or log burner here

You can find out more about chimney safety here

You can find out more about carbon monoxide alarms here

You can find out more about using fire guards here

Postal Area

It would help us to know which postal area you live in

Please enter the 1st part of your postcode eg. DE22
Please wait...

If you would prefer to print off the form and complete your Safe and Well Check at your leisure, simply open and print the print ready version of the document. 

Safe and Well Check - print version (pdf 948.22 KB)

How to keep safe during Covid-19 pandemic

More Information

More detailed information in relation to each subject within the Safe and Well booklet, can be found in the Fire Prevention section of this website.

You can also download a copy of 'Fire Safety in the Home', a government publication.

You are far less likely to have a fire in your home if you have received a free safe and well visit.