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We have a range of leaflets which provide important information and advice on the main areas of fire safety. By following the guidance in the leaflets, you will substantially reduce the chances of fire harming you, your family or your home.

Fire safety leaflets

External Guides and Leaflets

Easy read leaflet

A leaflet has been produced for individuals with learning or reading difficulties.

Large print leaflets

The leaflets below are produced especially for those who have, sight, hearing or mobility difficulties. 

Pictorial leaflet

The leaflet below has been produced to provide pictorial information supporting the safety messages we send out to all members of our communities. It is especially helpful to people whose English is not their first language and where there might be a language barrier or for those with low literacy skills.

Audio version

We also have an audio version of our Fire Safety in the Home leaflet which you can listen to here:

Bi-lingual leaflets

Arabic pdf 4,467.27 KB

Bengali pdf 4,479.53 KB

Bulgarian pdf 4,532.15 KB

Chinese pdf 4,598.03 KB

French pdf 4,420.41 KB

Gujarati pdf 4,405.92 KB

Hungarian pdf 4,411.80 KB

Latvian pdf 503.38 KB

Lithuanian pdf 487.69 KB

Portuguese pdf 443.89 KB

Polish pdf 477.72 KB

Punjabi pdf 486.41 KB

Romanian pdf 483.46 KB

Slovak pdf 477.48 KB

Somali pdf 446.24 KB

Spanish pdf 625.54 KB

Tamil pdf 1,878.41 KB

Ukrainian pdf 1,997.07 KB

Urdu pdf 669.58 KB