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Minutes of the meeting held 24 May 2022



1000 HOURS - 24 MAY 2022

Board Members:

  • C Tapp (Chair)
  • Cllr S Swann (County Councillor Member of FRA) (via Teams)
  • K Gillott (County Councillor Member of FRA)
  • S Allsop (Scheme Manager)
  • S Connor (Senior HR Partner/Pension Advisor to Notts/Leics)
  • D Carter (FBU)
  • M Mott (WYPF)
  • M Lloyd-Jones (Notes)

1) Apologies:   

  • A Barrett (DFRS HR)
  • E Stevenson (DFRS HR)
  • J Edwards (Payroll/Pensions Manager)
  • M Nash (Head of Corporate Financial Services)

2) Declarations


3) Minutes from Previous Meeting

The Board agreed the accuracy of the minutes of 8 February.

4) Review Risk Register

There were no updates to the Risk Register for this quarter.

5) WYPF Monthly Bulletins for April/May

The Board noted the Monthly Bulletins for April and May and also noted the slight increase in uptake of Member Web registrations.

Action - S Allsop would add a link to WYPF to FireView.

Action - WYPF would direct any enquiries to the Website in the first instance.

6) Verbal Update on ID Remedy

The Board noted that, due to the hard work of Payroll/WYPF, all Category 1s have been resolved whose retirement is end July.

Pension Board letters were sent last month and no further retirement notices have been received.

Until formal sign off is agreed nationally each Service could be doing something slightly differently (MOU).

After October 2023 more elements will be resolved.

The Board wished to thank Sean Connor for reassuring the FRA/CFO and for supporting Members throughout.

7) RDS Modified Second Exercise Proposal

The Board noted that the Matthews v Kent case will go through Parliament in October 2023.

8) Annual FPS Conference - 26/27 October

Details of the Annual FPS Conference will be circulated in due course.

9) Any Other Business


10) Date and Time of Next Meeting

1030 hours - 6 September 2022.