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A collection of stories from across the service.

Here you can read about all aspects of the service from a personal point of view from both our operational and non-operational staff.

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Trainee Wholetime Firefighter Jordan Spencer - Week 2 Prevention and Inclusion

25 February 2020

Getting more technical input and some practical, the second week of training involved manual handling; due to the nature of our job we need to lift correctly and store equipment correctly to prevent injury.

Wholetime Trainees

Trainee Wholetime Firefighter Jess Rintoul - Week 2 Prevention and Inclusion

24 February 2020 By Jess Rintoul

Our second week of training started with manual handling and general health and safety. We learnt about what’s on the appliance (appliances are also known as fire trucks or fire tenders) and the process of taking the inventory, routinely done every morning.

Wholetime Trainees

The freedom to be your authentic self

24 February 2020 By Rachel Salmon

I’m one of two Inclusion Officers for Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service. I’ve worked for the Service for three years, and have been in Prevention & Inclusion for the duration. We re-started the LGBT+ & Allies Network in Spring 2018 and since then it has gone from strength to strength.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion, Role Models

Paul Hudson - Giving something back to the community

21 February 2020 By Paul Hudson

After leaving college I gained employment in the Engineering industry, which I have been doing for over 25 years. Despite enjoying this role, in 2007 I decided I wanted to give something back to my local community.

On-Call, Role Models

Meet Trainee Wholetime Firefighter Jess Rintoul

15 February 2020 By Jess Rintoul

With week one complete, Jess tells us what drew him to the Service and what training has been like for the new recruits.

Wholetime Trainees

Meet Trainee Wholetime Firefighter Tom Rawden

15 February 2020 By Tom Rawden

At age 14, Tom joined DFRS as a Fire Cadet and set his sights on a role as a Firefighter. Now in training, Tom lets us know how his first week matched up to his expectations.

Wholetime Trainees

Meet Trainee Wholetime Firefighter Jordan Spencer

14 February 2020 By Jordan Spencer

Coming into a completely new industry can sometimes be daunting. Jordan explains how he’s found week one, coming into training without a services background.

Wholetime Trainees

Meet Trainee Wholetime FireFighter Mark Featherstone

14 February 2020 By Mark Featherstone

After applying to be a Firefighter twice before, Mark was successful in securing his dream job. We found out what his first week of training was like.

Wholetime Trainees

Danielle Heathcote - Working Mum and On-Call Firefighter

16 January 2020 By Danielle Heathcote

It never feels like a job as it’s so rewarding. It fits perfectly around my family life and I have a boy who is proud of his mama and I hope that it will encourage him to follow his dreams.

On-Call, Role Models