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A collection of stories from across the service.

Here you can read about all aspects of the service from a personal point of view from both our operational and non-operational staff.

You can can narrow down your search by selecting a topic from the list below.

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Meet ICT Service Delivery Manager Brett as he discusses the benefits of apprenticeships

9 February 2024 By Brett Clements

Brett, our ICT Service Delivery Manager, talks about apprenticeships from a management perspective and reflects on the success of former apprentice Jack.


Meet Indiana, who is currently an apprentice in our Fleet and Equipment department

5 February 2024 By Indiana Burgess

Indiana, our Transport Administration Apprentice, tells us about why she chose an apprenticeship with Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service and what she has learned so far.


Meet Jack, a former apprentice now working in our Systems and Information Department

8 February 2024 By Jack Bonnici-Oakley

Jack Bonnici-Oakley, who joined Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS) as an apprentice, tells us about his journey so far and the skills he has gained.


Meet Leanne, our Principal Officer Support Team Leader who joined DFRS as an apprentice nearly a decade ago

6 February 2024 By Leanne Mellors

Leanne Mellors, our Principal Officer Support Team Leader, tells us about her nearly decade long career with Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS) that began when she applied for an apprenticeship.


Meet Transport Admin Manager Helen as she explains how apprentices are supported within DFRS

7 February 2024 By Helen Tideswell

Helen Tideswell, our Transport Admin Manager, tells about the importance of supporting apprentices on their journey.