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A collection of stories from across the service.

Here you can read about all aspects of the service from a personal point of view from both our operational and non-operational staff.

You can can narrow down your search by selecting a topic from the list below.

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A Day In The Life Of A Firefighter at Rakes Moss Wildfire

4 May 2020 By Colin Winterbottom

Speaking to Colin Winterbottom, Station Manager Incident Command & BA, who has been on the ground with the crews at the Rakes Moss, we get a clear understanding of how the days have been at this incident.


Jo Hoare on balancing life as a firefighter and a busy mum of three

20 March 2024 By Jo Hoare

Jo Hoare speaks on a long career within the fire service and balancing work while being a busy mum of three.


Jolene O'Sullivan on her switch from on-call to wholetime firefighter

27 March 2024 By Jolene O'Sullivan

Jolene O'Sullivan speaks on her transition from on-call to wholetime firefighter and what she describes as the 'best job in the world'.


Jordan Spencer on the pursuit to become a firefighter and his advice to others

22 March 2024 By Jordan Spencer

Jordan Spencer speaks on his pursuit to become a firefighter as he offers advice to those thinking of joining the exciting yet rewarding career path.


Meet Bev. From On-Call to Wholetime, read about Bev’s experience and journey to date

18 December 2020 By Bev Bridgewater

“I love the variety that comes with the role of a firefighter and especially engaging with the community.”