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Meet wholetime Firefighter Ant as he tells us about how he balances work and spending time with his family

“I get four days off meaning I can actually spend a lot more time with my children.”

My stepdaughter was two years old when I joined the Service, and in January 2019 my daughter Jasmine was born, so I took two weeks paternity leave.

When I returned to work, the Service was very supportive. They assured me they would help wherever possible when it came to childcare and my fatherly duties, which they’ve definitely done.

My main worries being in the fire service was how my shift patterns would affect my children’s home life stability, but it hasn’t really affected them at all - In fact the fact I get 4 days off has meant I can spend a lot of time with them!

As for my work life balance, I ensure I take my annual leave and take my family away to the coast as often as I can.