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Meet Trainee Wholetime Firefighter Jordan Spencer

Coming into a completely new industry can sometimes be daunting. Jordan explains how he’s found week one, coming into training without a services background.

About Me

I haven’t come into training with any experience of the fire service and as all trainees come in from a variety of industries, some of the others in my class have started with more knowledge than me from day one. It’s good to come into something new, but difficult at the same time.

Week 1 - Protection

My first week training with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue has been full of new, very interesting information. We’ve already been given a huge amount of technical info, focussing on building, construction and of course, fire safety.

By simply asking or further expanding on questions I’ve already started to achieve a good understanding of protection and fire safety. I’m learning more and more about the fire service as training continues, even picking up on things outside of the training environment; a sign I’m progressing those new skills.

The course leaders have been great and by using different techniques and learning styles they’re accommodating for all levels of education. As I’m more of a hands on learner, the alternative ways we’re learning have really helped me. I’ve been carrying out scenario based exercises and gaining real life experience out on practice tours of different buildings.

I’m intrigued and motivated to learn more, to increase my knowledge and put more of it into practice.