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Jolene O’Sullivan – On-Call Firefighter

On-Call Firefighter

Working part-time as a Next Sales Assistant, Jolene found time to do the job she’s always wanted to do

All of our On-Call Firefighters are great role models for those interested in joining the Service, to everyone yet to learn about what on-call means but also for those already in the Service.

One role model, Jolene O’Sullivan, a Sales Assistant at Next and On-Call Firefighter at Glossop Station, lets us in on her journey to joining the Service:

I’ve always wanted to join the Emergency Services and the role of an On-Call Firefighter fitted in perfectly with my job and home life.

The application process was fine, easy to run through. However I had to train for the physical days and ended up failing two of these tests the first time round.

I went away, determined. I trained hard and went on to pass both the strength and carrying equipment tests that I’d failed previously; I passed everything else with flying colours.

Working only 13 hours a week as a Sales Assistant at Next allows me to be an On-Call Firefighter for the hours I’m not working there.

I love the team work, and not solely with other On-Call Firefighters, I’ve been carrying out Safe and Well checks with Wholetime Firefighters and we’re just as much a team.

Being an On-Call Firefighter is by far the hardest, but best thing I have ever done.

Interested in becoming an On-Call Firefighter? Read more about the role here

close up of jolene on car extraction training