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Fund Raising for the Fire Fighters Charity

Together you helped us raise £46,895 for the charity in 2021

Firefighters Charity

QR Code to donate to the firefighters charity

The Fire and Rescue Service are fortunate to have the support of the Firefighters Charity who provide confidential, personalised support to the whole of the fire services community. The Charity delivers mental health, physical health, and social wellbeing services at their own centres, remotely, online and in communities around the UK. Championing the health and wellbeing of all beneficiaries – serving firefighters, those who are retired or are dependants of- aiming to ensure that our beneficiaries can live well, for life. And they’re not all firefighters! The Charity supports all fire and rescue service personnel, whatever their role in the service. 

As a Service, we are always looking for fun and exciting ways to support the Firefighters Charity and we regularly hold open days and car washes to help with our fundraising efforts. We would like to thank our local communities for their generous support at all of our fundraising events.

If you would to support the work of the charity, please visit the Charity’s website or use the QR code to donate directly.