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A collection of stories from across the service.

Here you can read about all aspects of the service from a personal point of view from both our operational and non-operational staff.

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Working for the Service and being a parent can work really well together, Area Manager Clive Stanbrook shares his story

18 June 2021 By Clive Stanbrook

“When I returned to work the support and understanding of everyone at work was really great, just what a new father needed at the time.”

Role Models

Meet wholetime Firefighter Ant as he tells us about how he balances work and spending time with his family

18 June 2021 By Anthony Booth

“I get four days off meaning I can actually spend a lot more time with my children.”

Role Models

Meet Neil, Firefighter at Alfreton Fire Station and dad of two

18 June 2021 By Neil Slack

“I think any parent always worries about their children, even when they are full grown adults.”

Role Models