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Whaley Bridge Residents Able to Return Home as Multi Agency Response Ends

The large multi agency response to reduce the water level in Toddbrook Reservoir in Whaley Bridge has now drawn to an end.

Firefighters, working alongside other agencies have successfully reduced the water level in the reservoir and a decision has now been announced that all evacuated residents can return to their property.

Speaking following the announcement that residents can return home, Derbyshire’s Chief Fire Officer Terry McDermott said “First of all can I thank the residents of Whaley Bridge and surrounding areas for their patience and support whilst we have been dealing with the critical stage of the incident and been working to reduce the water levels as safely and efficiently as possible.

“We know that being evacuated from your home is a stressing and emotional event, but the decision was taken in order to protect life and therefore was unavoidable.

“The work carried out by all emergency responders has been phenomenal and the effort by all to reduce the water level in the dam cannot be underestimated.

“We’ve had support from across the UK fire and rescue service, supporting our own Derbyshire crews who have worked tirelessly. to bring the incident to a swift and safe conclusion.

“We’ve worked side by side with all agencies, including our police colleagues, but of course we cannot omit to mention and thank the army of volunteers who have fed and watered the crews in addition to filling sandbags.

“There is still work to be done as the recovery phase of the incident commences and we start to withdraw the huge number of fire service assets from the site.

“Once again my sincere thanks and thoughts remain with the residents and community of Whaley Bridge and hope they understand the efforts we have all undertaken to keep their homes, businesses and their community safe.

“On behalf of myself and the fire and rescue service we hope Whaley Bridge can soon put this incident, which will live in their memories forever, behind them and life can quickly return to normal.”