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The Latest Craze Leads To Teenagers Getting Stuck In Baby Swings

Firefighters are asking young people to act responsibly and consider the consequences of trying to get into baby swings while filming videos to post on social media.

The call comes as Firefighters noticed a sudden increase in calls to help release trapped teenagers from three separate incidents involving baby swings in one week and a total of seven incidents across the county since May.

Speaking following the latest incident, Watch Manager Dan Lewin from Staveley Fire Station said: “In less than a week Firefighter have been called to three separate incidents involving teenagers stuck in swings designed and intended for use by children aged up to four years old.

“Obviously anyone older than four is going to have difficulty getting into and out of such a swing, but this seems the attraction as the reckless action is filmed for posting on social media.

“It may seem an amusing situation as someone gets stuck, but in reality it’s not.  When an individual does become stuck and can’t get out of the swing, it’s the fire service that is called to release them, wasting Firefighters time and preventing them from responding to genuine emergency incidents.

“While we are tied up at the local park releasing the next aspiring social media star from a swing, we are unavailable for genuine emergencies, incidents where someone’s life might be at risk.”

In a one week period Firefighters responded to three incidents where someone was stuck in a baby swing:

27 July 2020             Danesmoor, Clay Cross
30 July 2020             Queens Park, Chesterfield
3 August 2020          Danesmoor, Clay Cross

Since May the Service has also attended incidents at:

18 May 2020             Kenning Park, Clay Cross
9 June 2020              Ringwood Park, Chesterfield
28 June 2020            Lumb lane, Darley Dale
4 August 2020          Recreation Ground, Shalfleet Dive, Alvaston

Watch Manager Lewin went onto say: “Following one of the incidents I asked those involved why they were trying to get into the swing and was informed that it was the latest craze to film and post to TikTok.

“I’d call for anyone considering making such a video to think again – don’t waste our time having to come and release you from a swing that is clearly not intended for your use.”