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Take Extra Care Over The Lockdown Bank Holiday Weekend

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service is asking people to take extra care in their gardens as they stay at home this Easter Bank Holiday Weekend due to the Covid-19 lockdown. 

With many people choosing to make the best of the lockdown, the Service is appealing to its communities to take extra care when having a barbeque and to reconsider any plans to burn garden rubbish. 

Fire Control Room Station Manager Carly Pointon said: “We know people will be looking to enjoy a bit of fresh air in their gardens over the Easter bank holiday, but we also know this brings an increased risk of fire. 

“A fire might seem the best way of getting rid of any excess garden waste, but with any fire there is always a risk, I’d therefore ask people to reconsider their plans, but if for any reason they cannot do this, we ask that they let the fire service know they are having a controlled burn on our dedicated phone line 01332 861800.

“By contacting us to report a planned controlled burn, our emergency call handlers can note the area and location, so if we do receive any reports of a fire, we know what it is and don’t mobilise vital lifesaving resources that could be needed urgently elsewhere. 

Acknowledging the Easter weekend could be busier for barbeques than normal, Station Manager Pointon went on to ask people to take extra care, saying: “The covid pandemic is having a big impact on all of our lives, with everyone being told to stay at home and follow government advice to help save lives and to protect our NHS. This is absolutely essential and we all have our part to play in preventing the spread of the virus and keeping everyone safe. 
“A barbeque may seem like the perfect distraction from the pandemic and relentless news, but we want to ensure people enjoy their barbeque safely. 

“To ensure we don’t receive an emergency call to your garden bonfire or barbeque, please take a minute to follow our simple advice.”

Barbeque Safety
•    Always keep a bucket of water, sand, or a hose pipe nearby
•    Never leave your barbeque unattended
•    Keep your barbeque well away from your shed, fences, shrubs or garden waste
•    Empty your hot ashes/coals onto bare soil, not into your wheelie bin
•    Never use petrol or paraffin to light your barbeque
•    Barbeques SHOULD NOT be taken to open spaces to be enjoyed with friends.

Controlled Burns/Garden Fire
•    Consider an alternative way of disposing of your rubbish
•    Contact Fire Control on 01332 861800 if you are planning a controlled burn
•    Keep fires away from sheds, fences, shrubs and overhanging trees
•    Never light your fire with petrol, paraffin or any other accelerant
•    Keep a bucket of water, sand or hose pipe nearby.

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind people of the government’s advice to stay at home and only go out for one form of exercise each day, or to shop for essential items.
You can get further advice about keeping safe from fire at home and in your garden, by visiting or following and liking us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.