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Springfield Mill Fire - Update 11:15 Hours

The fire investigation into a large fire at Springfield Mill, Bridge Street, Sandiacre is now complete with the most probable cause of the fire being recorded as accidental.

Fire investigators worked throughout the day yesterday to investigate the cause of the fire in the 4 storey converted residential mill and have recorded that the fire started accidentally, but due to the extensive fire damage, are unable to determine the specific cause.

Police and Firefighters have been on site overnight and are currently working towards handing the mill back over to the building’s management company.

Speaking from the scene, Station Manager Lee Williams said: “Firefighters have been monitoring the building overnight and I am pleased to report that no further hotspots were discovered.

“Firefighters remain on site this morning checking for any further hotspots and ensuring the area is safe before we hand the building back over to the management company later today.

“We will continue to return to the site regularly, using the aerial ladder platform to monitor and check for any further hotspots.  This will be repeated until we are satisfied we no longer need to return.”

PR_Springfield_Mill_Fire_Update_23April_11-15.pdf (pdf 231.26 KB)