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Take The Pledge - Say No To A Garden Fire During The Ongoing Pandemic

Garden Fire Pledge infographic. 1 garden fire can easily spread leading to:
5 firefighters' time wasted.
neighbours forced to stay inside.
Poorer air quality for us all.
Increased hospital admissions.

Firefighters across Derbyshire are asking people to pledge not to have a garden fire during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

This latest plea comes as Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Services has seen an increase in garden fires. In April 2020

  • We attended over 50 garden related fires which represents a 20% increase on April 2019.
  • Crews also attended 50 false alarm bonfire incidents at addressable locations which is almost double that of April 2019

The Service has also been contacted by a number of residents who have found it hard to physically leave their homes to exercise, due to the smoke coming from local garden fires, where people have been burning garden and household waste.

The message is also being backed by local authorities across the county, with an increase in air pollution being shown to negatively affect the health of those with respiratory illnesses.

“We fully appreciate that people will have excess waste, as they are spending much more time at home. We would really discourage people from burning it in the garden,” said Group Manager Lee Smith, Prevention, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service.

“Garden fires can very easily get out of control, and we have to send a full crew to deal with it. The smoke can cause real issues for people with respiratory illnesses.  We’ve had reports from some people who haven’t been able to go out in their own gardens.

“At a time when we all need to come together we’re asking that, whilst they’re staying at home, people head to our website and pledge not to have a garden fire during the on-going pandemic. It only takes 30 seconds and will make a big difference to your community.”

To sign the pledge, visit

In pledging not to have a garden fire during the pandemic you will be supporting your firefighters across Derbyshire, and people with respiratory illnesses.