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Register My Appliance Day 2018

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS) is supporting Register My Appliance Day, which takes place on Tuesday 16 January 2018 and encourages people to register their appliances at 

Appliance manufacturers are reminding customers that they can instantly improve safety in their homes by taking a few minutes to register white goods which they rely on every day. Registration is necessary to ensure that householders can be contacted swiftly if a safety repair is ever needed. 

As an incentive to encourage owners to register their appliances, many of the leading brands on are offering to enter registrants into free draws for a range of desirable prizes. Appliances being registered don’t have to be in warranty, or brand new to be applicable. 

The Register My Appliance web portal was designed by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) to make it quicker, easier and safer for the public to register both new and older appliances. 

By visiting, users reach a data entry form linked directly to the relevant manufacturer, where the vast majority accept registrations of products up to twelve years old. It is supported by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, along with the majority of safety and consumer groups. 

A recent survey by YouGov concluded that people’s main reason for not registering was that they didn’t think it was necessary. However the same survey indicated that 64% of people would be more likely to register once they had been told that registering ensures the manufacturer is able to contact them if the product requires a safety repair.

Prevention and Inclusion Group Manager Steve Ratcliffe said “Remembering to register both new and older household appliances is a vital part of keeping your home and family safe from the risk of fire. Many people will not recognise the importance of registering their appliances, but as the workhorses of domestic duties, it is essential that any problems are addressed before they lead to a disaster.  

“Registering your appliances means the manufacturer is able to contact you swiftly when needed. This guarantees the household will receive any relevant safety messages, allowing the owner to respond immediately.” 

On Register My Appliance Day, manufacturers are sending reminders to over 4 million consumers. With supporters including RoSPA, Trading Standards, Citizens Advice and Electrical Safety First using both regional press and social media to promote registration.

DFRS will be posting reminders throughout Register My Appliance Day and you can stay up to date with this by following all of the Service’s social media outlets:

Twitter: @DerbyshireFRS

Facebook: @DerbyshireFRS

Instagram: @derbyshirefrs