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Osmaston Road Fire – Fire Investigation

A joint police and fire investigation into the cause of a fire that severely damaged a disused property on Osmaston Road in Derby has concluded that the fire was started by someone who had gained access to the building to seek shelter. 

It has been established that a fire was started in a first-floor fireplace, but due to the chimney flue being blocked, the fire spread to the roof-space of the building. 

Emergency Services were called to the fire shortly after 13.00 hours on Friday 12 January 2024. Five fire crews, supported by an aerial ladder platform and water carrier attended the incident.

Station Manager Barclay Masterson who led the fire investigation said: “Smoke, heat and embers that would normally have exited the property through the chimney, built up in the roof space causing the fire that ignited the timbers of the building. This caused extensive damage to the property.

“This fire demonstrates why it is important to ensure chimneys are swept, maintained and free of blockages.  With the colder weather upon us, I would like to remind everyone to ensure they have had their chimney swept before lighting a fire in their own home.”

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ALP at scene of Osmaston Road property fire Photo of destroyed roof of Osmaston Road property after fire