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No smoke alarms fitted in property affected by a serious fire

A fire investigation in the cause of a serious house fire that led to two people being taken to hospital has found the property was not fitted with smoke alarms.

Firefighters were called to the fire on Church Hill in Etwall at 03:20 hours on Friday 19 March.  The two occupants, who were already out of the detached property on arrival of fire crews, were handed into the care of East Midlands Ambulance Service to be taken to hospital for the effects of smoke inhalation.   

Speaking following a joint police and fire investigation into the cause of the fire, Station Manager Lee Williams said: “Firefighters attended a house fire in the early hours of Friday morning which led to two people being taken to hospital for the effects of smoke inhalation underlining just how serious this fire was.

“The fire investigation has determined that this was an accidental fire with the most likely cause being combustible items left too close to a naked flame.  Unfortunately there weren’t any smoke alarms fitted in the property which would have given the occupants early warning that a fire had broken out in their home.”

Talking about the importance of smoke alarms Station Manager Williams went onto say: “Working smoke alarms really are life savers.  In the event of a fire they will alert you and your family of the fire, giving you vital extra time to get out and to a place of safety. Once out you should immediately ring 999 and most importantly, you should stay out of the property. If your home doesn’t have smoke alarm, please make it your priority to fit them as soon as possible.”

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service would also like to highlight the dangers of keeping logs and other combustible items close to open fires.  If you have an open fire please:

  • Always use a fire guard to protect against sparks from hot embers
  • Store logs and fuel away from the fire and keep the surrounding area clear
  • Make sure that the fire is out before going to bed at night, or when leaving the house
  • Keep chimneys and flues clean and well maintained - make sure your chimney is swept regularly
  • Ensure you have smoke alarms fitted on every level of your home and test them weekly
  • In the event of a fire, get out, stay out and call 999.

Firefighters from Kingsway, Nottingham Road and Ascot Drive Fire Stations attended the incident along with colleagues from Derbyshire Constabulary.  

Ongoing Fire Safety Advice

Firefighters and community safety officers will be in the Etwall area over the weekend providing fire safety advice and reassurance.  

For more information about fire safety visit or follow us on our social channels at @DerbyshireFRS alternatively if you are concerned about your own fire safety, or the fire safety of a vulnerable relative, neighbour or friend visit for more information.