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New Look Annual Report Launched

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service has today published its new look annual report for 2018/19. ‘Our Year 2018/19’ presents key achievements from 2018/19 in infographic format, providing communities with an easy and quick read.

‘Our Year 2018/19’ delivers main facts in relation to the Service’s financial position, staffing levels, incident response data, prevention and protection activity, collaboration successes, property and vehicle inventory, LGBT+ and Inclusion activity as well as our customer satisfaction score and social media reach.

Derbyshire’s Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive (CFO), Terry McDermott said: “I’m really pleased to be launching the new look annual report – Our Year 2018/19. 

“Every year we produce a comprehensive document outlining the Service’s key achievements and financial position, but we recognised that we could reach a greater audience and provide greater transparency if we produced a printable, brief document that could also be shared online and across our social media channels.

“I hope people will take a couple of minutes to read the two sided document and recognise the breadth of work that is carried out by the Service, some in collaboration with partners, to Make Derbyshire Safer Together.”

You can view ‘Our Year 2018/19’ online here, alternatively it can be viewed via Facebook or Twitter @DerbyshireFRS 

New look annual report New look annual report