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Launch of Our Plan 2023–2026

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority (The Authority) is launching its latest Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) known as ‘Our Plan 2023 - 2026’. 

With a statutory duty to produce a CRMP, Our Plan 2023 - 2026 sets out The Authority’s strategic assessment and long-term approach to mitigating and reducing the risk of fire, road traffic collisions and other emergency incidents within Derbyshire.  

Planning for Our Plan 2023 – 2026 began in March 2022 when Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS) undertook a Service Delivery and Risk Review (SDRR) to identify all the current, new and emerging risks that exist within Derbyshire. This review included asking our communities and stakeholders ‘have we covered all the risks?’  The data from the SDRR, stakeholders and our communities has been used in the development of Our Plan 2023 – 2026, setting out how DFRS will meet the demands of existing, new and emerging risks.  

Derbyshire’s Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive, Gavin Tomlinson who has the responsibility to deliver Our Plan 2023 – 2026 on behalf of The Authority, said: “Our Plan demonstrates to our communities and stakeholders, how we will prepare, prevent, protect, and respond to fires and other emergencies across Derbyshire.  

“It demonstrates the golden thread that can be seen running from our business and financial planning, through to the planned programme of work that links to our six Service priorities.  

“Over the three-year lifetime of Our Plan it is inevitable that the Service will face many challenges; however, I am assured that through its delivery, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service and its people will be agile enough to face any challenges head-on, while continuing to deliver a first-class service to the communities of Derbyshire.” 

Speaking at this week’s Fire and Rescue Authority meeting, when Our Plan 2023 – 2026 was approved for publication, Councillor Trevor Ainsworth, Chair of the Authority said: “Like many Authorities we now face considerable financial uncertainty and new challenges. Our Plan 2023 -2026 gives me the assurance that the Service will continue to explore new and innovative ways of working and continue to provide an efficient and effective service to our communities.” 

You can read the full, accessible version of Our Plan 2023 -2026 for Derbyshire online.

Alternatively, a PDF version of Our Plan 2023-2026 is available for download.