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Harpur Hill Quarry - 'Blue Lagoon' - Buxton

Firefighters are echoing calls from colleagues at Derbyshire police warning people to stay away from a flooded quarry at Harpur Hill in Buxton and not to enter the dangerous water.

The quarry that has become infamous for its vivid blue colour and dubbed the ‘blue lagoon’, is far from the idyllic beauty spot that it has been described.

Group Manager Paul Hawker said: “In an effort to deter people from entering the water local agencies work together to dye the usual blue waters black, but due to the deposits that seep from the stone, the water soon returns to its blue colour.

“Not only is the PH Value of the quarry water similar to bleach, meaning you are highly likely to experience skin irritation from swimming in the water, but there are many hidden dangers that can quickly lead to even the strongest swimmer getting caught and into difficulty. Old cars and the carcasses of animals are just some of the things lurking in the depths of the cold water.

“In addition to the hazards, no matter how hot the weather is, the quarry water will remain cold, meaning if you enter the water, your body can quickly go into shock causing your heart rate to quicken, you start to gasp for breath and you can quickly become confused and disorientated.

“By swimming, or even playing in, or close to the water, you are putting your own life, and that of the emergency services that would be called to help you, into danger too.  Please act responsibly, stay away from the area – keep out of the water”

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service is aware that the police have extra patrols in the area and are receiving reports on a near daily basis from locals reporting people spending time in the quarry.