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Garden Brazier Causes House Fire

Dramatic video footage shows the devastating impact of an accidental fire that spread from a garden brazier.

Firefighters were called to attend the fire on Blackmore Street just after 5pm on Saturday 23 April 2022.

Several residents were evacuated from the row of four terraced properties, all affected by the fire as it travelled through the roof space.

Firefighters from Long Eaton, Melbourne, Nottingham Road, Alfreton and Swadlincote, supported by the aerial ladder platform worked to limit the spread of the fire and prevent further damage.

No one was injured in the fire.

Station Manager Barclay Masterson who carried out a joint fire investigation with Derbyshire police said: “The fire investigation has concluded that this was an accidental fire caused by a garden brazier.

“Unfortunately the brazier was placed too close to a garage which had a wooden door and roof.  The wind conditions caused the fire to jump from the brazier to the garage which also contained a vehicle with fuel in its tank. As the fire developed the wind caused the fire to spread to the roof of the first property, before travelling through the roof space of the row of terrace houses.

“This is a devastating fire, causing damage to several homes and a caravan, but thankfully no one was injured.

“With the warmer weather arriving, I hope that this fire can serve as a reminder to anyone using a barbeque, fire pit, or garden brazier to ensure it is placed well away from the house, garage, sheds, fences and any overhanging trees and shrubs. We always advise people to have a hose pipe or bucket of water on hand when having any kind of garden fire or barbeque, however if a fire does start to get out of hand, you should ring 999 immediately.”

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