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Firefighters issue warning as crews attend moorland fire at Birchen Edge, Baslow

Firefighters are calling for people to act responsibly if out in the Peak District as the warmer weather brings one of the first moorland fires to the County at Birchen Edge, Baslow,

Six fire crews were mobilised to attend a moorland fire at Birchen Edge at 17:47 hours on Tuesday 30 March. The fire involved approximately 1 hector of bracken and grassland.

Working alongside National Trust Rangers and with wind conditions on their side, crews working on two separate fire fronts were able to contain the fire and prevent any further spread, declaring the fire out just before 20:00 hours.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Speaking following the fire, Station Manager Perrott said: “While we are still working to establish the cause of this fire, it serves as a timely reminder for people to act responsibly when out in the Peak District.

“With the Easter weekend ahead of us and the weather turning warmer, the ground is already dry enough for a discarded cigarette, glass bottle or unauthorised barbeque to cause a fire that can quickly spread. Thankfully on this occasion the wind was on our side and crews and rangers were able to prevent this particular Moorland fire escalating.

“If you are venturing out, please ensure you take your rubbish with you, discard cigarettes responsibly and please, please do not take a portable barbeque!’

To help keep our moorlands safe from fire please follow our top safety tips:

  • Never have a BBQ or campfire on the moors
  • Do not discard cigarette ends and smoking materials on the ground - always extinguish them properly
  • Take all rubbish home with you
  • If you see a fire, get to a safe place, note the fire’s location and call 999. Stay safe and don’t attempt to tackle the fire yourself.

If you see or know of anyone having a BBQ or campfire in the moors let FireStoppers know anonymously on 0800 169 5558.

For more information on moorland fires visit the Peak District National Trust website.