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Firefighters issue safety advice following serious house fire

Firefighters are calling on residents across Derbyshire to take a minute to consider fire safety following a serious house fire on Boxing Day.

Fire crews from Nottingham Road, Kingsway and Long Eaton were called to attend the fire at a terraced property on Brighton Road in Alvaston at 22:02 hours on Saturday 26 December 2020.

Area Manager Clive Stanbrook said: “Over the last couple of days Firefighters have been in the Brighton Road area of Alvaston speaking to local residents about fire safety following a serious house fire on Boxing Day. I’d like to extend that advice to the wider Derbyshire public.

“Working smoke alarms are the most important thing in a home when considering fire safety, they give valuable early warning of a fire, giving you vital extra time to get out of your property and call 999.  Next comes your escape plan – how would you get out if a fire did break out in your home?  Take a minute to think about this – where are your keys? Have a mobile phone to hand, ensure all escape routes are clear of obstructions and ensure everyone in your home knows what to do in the event of a fire.”

A joint fire investigation with Derbyshire police has determined that the most likely cause of the fire was discarded smoking materials. 

Area Manager Stanbrook went onto say: “Any naked flame increases the risk of a fire in the home so if you, or your partner is a smoker, please take a couple of minutes to familiarise yourself with our simple fire safety advice.”

  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Use a proper ashtray - never a wastepaper basket.
  • Make sure your ashtray can't tip over and is made of a material that won't burn.
  • Don't leave a lit cigarette, cigar or pipe lying around. They can easily fall over and start a fire.
  • Take extra care if you smoke when you're tired, taking prescription drugs, or if you've been drinking. You might fall asleep and set your sofa or bed on fire.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of children's reach.
  • Consider buying child resistant lighters and match boxes.
  • Ensure you have a working smoke alarm fitted on every level of your property
  • Test your smoke alarms weekly
  • Ensure you have an escape plan. If a fire broke out in your home how would you get out? Get Out, Stay Out and Call 999

For more information about keeping safe in your home visit