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Fire Safety Warning Issued Following Moorland Fire

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service is asking people to take extra care when out enjoying Derbyshire’s beautiful countryside this summer, specifically during, or following prolonged periods of heat and dry weather.

At 17.58 hours on Sunday 6 May 2018 Derbyshire Firefighters from Buxton, Whaley Bridge, New Mills and Glossop, along with Firefighters from Staffordshire and Cheshire attended a large moorland fire near Derbyshire Bridge in the Errwood Reservoir Area of Goyt Valley.  The fire destroyed an area of moorland and nesting sites similar in size and scale to 6 football pitches.  Working alongside Gamekeepers from the area, Firefighters worked to contain the fire and prevent further spread and damage to the local area and wildlife.

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Group Manager Steve Wells said: “Derbyshire is extremely lucky to have some beautiful countryside, with many visitors to the county enjoying the Peak District National Park.  We work hard with our partners to protect this landscape and wildlife habitats from fire as part of the Fire Operations Group which was formed following a serious moorland fire in 1996.

“Whilst this fire is believed to have been started deliberately, causing untold damage to the local ecosystem, accidental wild fires also occur, but these can be prevented by following a few simple tips.”

 Preventing Fires in the Open 

  • If smoking discard of your cigarette butt responsibly.
  • Do not throw cigarettes butts out of your car window.
  • Glass bottles can magnify the sun’s rays causing a fire – make sure you discard of glass bottles responsibly.
  • Don’t leave any rubbish behind
  • If having a BBQ, ensure you have the landowners permission
    • Keep BBQ’s off the ground, placing then on a flat boulder or stone.
    • Choose a place away from overhanging trees, dry leaves, dry grass, plants or wood.
    • Always keep water nearby in case your BBQ becomes out of control
    • Never leave a BBQ unattended 

For more information about protecting the Peak District National Park from fire visit


The Fire Operations Group was formed in 1996 after a serious moorland blaze. It brings together a partnership of six fire services, National Park rangers, National Trust wardens, water companies, major landowners and gamekeepers to draw up fire plans, oversee specialist fire-fighting equipment, raise awareness of moorland fires and the consequences and train for emergencies.

The Fire Operations Group:

  • carries out regular training exercises
  • monitors conditions on the ground in dry weather
  • setting up fire watches when necessary to give early notice of any moorland fires.
  • publicises the risk of moorland fires by posters at moorland access points to advise and inform the public.

Below are a few pictures taken during the fire on Sunday.

moorland fire moorland fire 2 moorland fire 3