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Eight On-Call Firefighters Take on Wholetime Firefighter Roles

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service is delighted to have welcomed eight new Wholetime Firefighters to the Service this week.  All eight Firefighters have been appointed following a robust process to recruit existing On-Call Firefighters into Wholetime roles.

Group Manager Adam Bleakman, who is responsible for the Service’s operational training said: “It has been a pleasure to welcome eight on-call colleagues to the joint training centre, to carry out additional training to prepare them for their new roles as Wholetime Firefighters for Derbyshire.

“On-Call Firefighters undertake robust training when they join the Service as trainees and once they have passed out from training school, they start working in the community they live or work, providing an essential and vital emergency response.

“The training that we provide to all of our Firefighters is not only recognised across the fire and rescue sector as a high standard, but is also a huge investment.  To be able to recruit from an established pool of trained, professional and dedicated On-Call Firefighters is not only an effective way of recruiting into Wholetime positions, but it provides efficiencies too.

“This cohort of Firefighters already completed an in-depth training course that took place over several weeks when they first joined the Service as On-Call Firefighters. They then went on to develop their skills undertaking their phase 2 development to become competent Firefighters; so to convert to Wholetime positions they only have to complete a two week conversion course that upskills them in areas of work only undertaken by full time Firefighters.”

For more information about On-Call Firefighters and a career with Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service visit