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Drivers Warned About The Dangers Of Getting Behind The Wheel While Intoxicated

Police officers, firefighters and paramedics have been highlighting the dangers posed by drink and drug driving at McArthur Glen shopping centre.


The three emergency services have joined forces to share their first-hand accounts of dealing with the aftermath of drink and drug driving.


A smashed car – along with the life-saving equipment used to help those involved in such incidents – gave an all too vivid showcase of the consequences of drink and drug driving.


Sergeant Adam Shipley, from Derbyshire Constabulary’s roads policing unit, said: “Myself and my officers are sadly all too familiar with drink and drug driving.


“Anyone who gets behind the wheel while intoxicated is gambling with their own, and every other road users, life.


“The decision to get behind the wheel is one that is so easily avoided but people still believe that the worst will never happen to them.


“Christmas is a time for family and no mother, father, wife, husband or child should have to hear that their loved one is never coming home as a result of the actions of one selfish individual.


“Our hope is that all those that have seen and spoken with officers and our colleagues will take that message and pass it to their friends and family and, hopefully, make someone stop and think when they have been on a night out.


“So if you are going out this Christmas and New Year and having a drink, then book a taxi, get a lift or find another way of getting home.”


Today, as well as tomorrow, shoppers were able to speak to the emergency services and see the devastation that a drink driver can cause, they were also able to take part in a quick-fire quiz based on some shocking drink drive statistics.


Station Manager Kevin Page, from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue, said: “Nationally, over 70,000 people are caught annually drink and drug driving, despite 30 years of education and enforcement, so as we head into the festive party season we are once again asking people to understand the consequences of getting behind the wheel when intoxicated.


“We know people will be going out and celebrating, but we also know, and all to often see the consequences of driving under the influence of drink, or drugs. Our messages is therefore quite simple, Don’t Get Wrecked. If you’re planning to party, ensure you have a designated driver, or get a taxi booked.”   

Samantha Westwell, Ambulance Operations Manager for Derbyshire, said: "Serious road traffic collisions can have a huge impact on a wide range of people – from the physical and mental impact on those injured and their loved ones, to the emotional impact on emergency service personnel, hospital staff and bystanders.

"These events are an excellent way for us to demonstrate what happens in the aftermath of serious road traffic collisions, and the decisions we can make as drivers and passengers to prevent such incidents."