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Don't Let Fire Ruin Your Christmas Spirit This Festive Season

After a year like no other, Christmas is lifting spirits all round, but between wrapping presents, planning Christmas dinner and putting the decorations up it’s easy to get distracted. So this year, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue would like to remind you to keep safety at the top of your Christmas list, both in the home and on the road.

To help keep you and your loved ones safe around the home this Christmas we’d like to share some of our top Christmas safety tips:

  • Don’t overload your plug sockets
  • Avoid attaching decorations to lights
  • Never leave cooking unattended
  • Test your smoke alarms weekly
  • Have a planned and practiced escape route

The changing rules for the 5 day Christmas period also mean people may be travelling to see relatives they haven’t connected with in months, so the Service is also asking people to take extra care and stay safe on the roads too. Remember to check the weather before starting your journey, and to ensure your windows, mirrors, lights and number plate are completely clear from snow, frost and condensation before setting off – you may also need to clear the roof of any snow that may fall off and block your view whilst driving.

Station Manager Mark Whitelaw said: “Christmas is a time for celebrating and spending time with loved ones, especially this year, but with all the extra distractions, lights, decorations, candles and gifts in the home it’s also a time to take extra care to keep everyone safe.

“We hope everyone has a safe and joyful Christmas, but if the worst does happen and a fire does break out in your home it’s essential you and any guests know what to do to get out safely. Practice and talk about your escape plan, and make sure you test your smoke alarms regularly – only a working smoke alarm can give you vital early warning of a fire giving you enough time to get out, stay out, and call 999.”

Don’t Drink and Drown

As well as our usual Christmas tips, this year we’ll also be supporting the Royal Life Saving Society to raise awareness through their Don’t Drink and Drown campaign.

Every year there are over 70 fatal, alcohol and drug related drowning incidents nationally, so whether you’ve made it to a pub or restaurant, or have been celebrating at a relative’s house, please stay safe by following these simple tips:

  • Walking home after a drink? Avoid walking near water, you might fall in!
  • Make sure your friends and family get home safely don’t let them walk home by any open water. Walk home together.
  • NEVER enter the water if you’ve been drinking! Alcohol seriously affects your ability to get out and the cold water can take the life of even the strongest swimmer.

For more advice on how to stay safe this festive season visit our website or follow us at @DerbyshireFRS on Facebook and Twitter.