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Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service supports Register My Appliance campaign

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service (DFRS) is reminding people to take a few minutes to register the electrical appliances they rely on every day whether they are new, second-hand or inherited in a property move.

Keeping white goods in peak condition and ensuring they are on the radar for any relevant safety notifications are just two things that people can do to ensure their electrical appliances last as long as possible and keep everyone safe.

Register Your Appliance - Now

To support the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliance’s (AMDEA) ‘Register My Appliance’ campaign, DFRS is urging everyone to register their household electrical appliances at

The campaign, which launches today and coincides with International Product Safety Week, provides access to 60 manufacturers selling electrical items in the UK – many of these manufactures accept registration of machines up to 12 years old.

Prevention and Inclusion Group Manager David Diggins said: “As the cost of living rises, many people will look to buy pre-used household appliances or have machines passed on by family or friends to save money.

“No matter if they are brand new, second hand or inherited, it remains just as vital to register them to help keep your home and family safe from the risk of fire.”

Taking a few minutes to register your appliances allows manufacturers to know who has their products if a recall is necessary. This service is free and once appliances are registered it allows manufacturers to send immediate safety alerts and provide a repair if needed.

Rental Property

It is also recommended that people living rental properties check their appliances are registered too.

Group Manager Diggins went onto say: “Many people will not recognise the importance of registering their appliances, but as the workhorses of domestic duties, it is essential that any problems are addressed before they lead to a disaster. 

“Registering your appliances means the manufacturer can contact you swiftly when needed. This guarantees that you will receive any relevant safety messages, allowing you to respond immediately.”

Prolong the Life of your Electrical Appliances

To increase safety and the life of appliances the Register My Appliance web portal also offers listing of appliance safety repairs and recalls, hints and tips on household safety and recommendations for appliance care

Register your home’s hardest workers at

Fire Safety in the Home

For more information about keeping safe from fire in your home visit