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Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service issues warm weather safety advice ahead of weekend

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service is appealing to members of the public to stay safe and take extra care ahead of a weekend of warm, dry weather.  

Group Manager David Diggins said: “Derbyshire is incredibly fortunate to have some beautiful countryside and moorland spaces. 

“However, discarded cigarettes, portable barbecues, and discarded cigarettes can all pose a serious threat of fire, which can spread rapidly over dry grasses and through deep seated peat bogs in warmer weather. 

“Such fires can tie up our firefighters for prolonged periods of time with the potential to cause a knock-on delay in responding to other life risk incidents across the county, as well as cause untold damage to the wildlife and fragile ecosystems. 

“As we head into the weekend, I would ask that people remain vigilant and take action to prevent wildfires, keeping our countryside and moorland safe for all to enjoy.”  

Be Moor Aware 

We ask that people be aware of our precious moorland areas and follow the below advice: 

  • Don’t throw/discard cigarettes out of car windows. Ensure they are extinguished and disposed of properly.

  • Don’t leave glass bottles lying around – the sun can magnify through the glass causing a fire. 

  • Don’t take portable BBQs or gas stoves into the countryside/moorlands. Portable BBQs are banned in many areas of the Peak District – pack a picnic instead. 

  • Take rubbish home or dispose of it responsibly. 

What to do if you see a fire in the countryside 

If you spot an uncontrolled fire in the open countryside, or you see large volumes of smoke call 999, giving as much detail about the fire’s location as possible.  

Do not put yourself at any risk by tackling a fire. 

Be a FireStopper    

Deliberate fires destroy communities as well as tie up our resources, preventing them from attending other life risk emergencies.  

If you see someone deliberately setting a fire or know of anyone having a BBQ or campfire on the moors, tell Firestoppers 100% anonymously.  

Call 0800 169 5558 or visit