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Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Launches ‘15 Minutes to Save a Life’ Campaign

15 minutes to save a life! Yes, that's all it could take to protect someone you care about from the risk of a fatal accidental house fire.  

Since May 2021, nine people have died in accidental house fires across Derbyshire. The majority of these fatal fires took place in the home of someone over the age of 60 and living alone. 

It is for this reason that Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service is launching a new campaign called ‘15 Minutes to Save a Life’ - the time it takes to complete a DIY Home Fire Safety Check.  

The campaign, which launches today ahead of Mother’s Day, aims to encourage people to find the time to visit their older friends, relatives or neighbours and complete this simple, online check with them.  

Taking 15 minutes out of your busy day really could help identify if they are at risk of fire and help prevent an accidental house fire in their home. If you don’t look out for them, who will? 

Speaking at the start of the campaign, Group Manager David Diggins said: “Our data tells us that anyone over the age of sixty and living alone, is more at risk of a fatal or serious house fire. We are therefore appealing to people to find the time in their busy lives to help someone they care about carry out one of our simple online DIY home fire safety checks.   

“Recognising that some older people may not be comfortable accessing an online digital form, our ‘15 Minutes to Save a Life’ campaign, aims to encourage people to find the time on their way home from work, call on the way to the gym, or when visiting an older parent, grandparent, relative, friend or neighbour and help them complete the home fire safety check, and live safe from the risk of fire in their home.” 

The easy-to-follow home fire safety check will take you through one room at a time and the simple questions will help you spot fire risks as you go around your loved ones’ home.  

Tips and advice will also be provided along the way to help reduce any risks identified, followed by a personalised fire safety action plan at the end of the process.  

No matter how busy you are, find the time to help those you care about live safe from the risk of fire. 

To access the online DIY Home Fire Safety Check, visit and follow the 15 Minutes to Save a Life campaign link.