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Creswell Fire - Cause of Fire Unknown

A fire investigation into the cause of a fire at Creswell has concluded with the cause of fire remaining unknown. 

Firefighters were called to the scene of the fire affecting large areas of standing crop, woodland and hedgerow at 15:15 hours on Friday 12 August. 

50 properties were evacuated while firefighters brought the fire under control and extinguished the blaze. Residents were allowed to return to their properties shortly after 19:30 hours.

Group Manager Darren Perrott said: ‘Following a fire investigation, the exact cause of the fire at Creswell remains unknown.

‘At the present time we are dealing with exceptional circumstances with heat and dry conditions meaning the risk of fire is highly likely, therefore as evidenced at this incident, a fire can escalate rapidly impacting not only on our communities, but also on our emergency resources as we are tied up dealing with large incidents.

‘We continue to repeat our warnings for people to take extra care during the heatwave  - no barbecues in open spaces, be extra cautious disposing of cigarettes and ensure you don’t leave rubbish, particularly glass bottles laying around. 

‘I’d also like to remind people to report any information about deliberate fire setting anonymously to FireStoppers on 0800 169 5558 or online at - this will help us prevent deliberate fires and the impact they can have on communities and the environment’.