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Celebrating Derbyshire Employers Supporting Derbyshire On-Call Firefighters

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service has been celebrating three Derbyshire employers who support their local communities by allowing their employees the time to respond as On-Call Firefighters during the working day.

Employee Recognition Plaques have this week been presented to:

  • Alken Engineering Limited for allowing Crew Manager Chris Prodromis to respond to emergency incidents in the New Mills Fire Station area
  • Alken Systems Limited for allowing Firefighter Jack Marshall to also respond to incidents in the New Mills area, and
  • Street Crane Limited for allowing Watch Manager Glyn Green to respond to incidents in the Chapel-en-le-frith area.  Street Crane also regularly allow WM Green to attend training nights when he is working nights

On-Call Firefighters are members of the community who are paid to respond to emergencies. They do not staff the fire station 24 hours a day like full-time Firefighters but respond to emergencies when alerted by a pager. They can respond from a place of work or from home and must be able to reach the fire station within the allocated time, usually within 5 minutes of receiving the pager message.

A huge thank you to all our supportive employers who allow their employees to be On-Call Firefighters in Derbyshire, helping us to Make Derbyshire Safer Together. In return employees learn new skills such as first aid, and management and leadership that can often be applied in their primary role.

To read more about the role of an On-Call Firefighter visit

On-Call Firefighter CM Chris Prodromis with plaque presented to employer Alken Engineering Limited On-Call Firefighter Jack Marshall with plaque presented to employer Alken Systems Limited On-Call Firefighter Watch Manager Glyn Green with plaque presented to employer Street Crane Ltd