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Celebrate the Jubilee Weekend Safely

With preparations for the Platinum Jubilee being finalised we are asking members of the public to celebrate safely whatever they are doing this long bank holiday weekend.

Prevention Station Manager Ian Snodgrass said: “Whether you are planning a picnic in the park, a party at home with family, a street party with neighbours, or using the long weekend to head out into the countryside, we want everyone to stay safe and help us protect our outdoor spaces and countryside from fire.

“I’d ask everyone to take a couple of minutes to read our top tips for a safe Jubilee bank holiday.”

Barbeques – If you are having a barbeque at home or as part of a street party, please ensure you:

  • Site the BBQ away from the house, shed and garage and away from any overhanging trees or shrubs.
  • Only use proper BBQ lighters to get your BBQ going
  • Never leave the BBQ unattended and ensure the responsible person hasn’t had one to many jubilee sherries!
  • Keep a bucket of water or hose pipe on hand for any emergency
  • In an emergency ring 999 immediately

Jubilee Picnics – Please do not take barbeques into parks, public spaces and moorland.

  • Pack a picnic and not a BBQ – the heat of a portable BBQ on open grassland can quickly cause a fire which can cause damage to open spaces and tie up emergency service resources.
  • BBQs are banned in many areas of the Peak District – If you’re heading out, grab a sandwich and NEVER take BBQs into moorland areas.

What3Words – Ensure emergency services can locate you in an emergency by downloading the What3Words App

  • Heading out this weekend on foot, bicycle, motorbike, on a horse or in a car, whatever your mode of transport, download What3Words from your App store.
  • The App divides the whole world into 3m x 3m squares giving each a unique set of three words.
  • Our control room operators can pinpoint your location if given the unique what3word location.

Water Safety – Do you know how to Float to Live?

  • Cold water shock can cause drowning!
  • Hidden dangers lurking beneath the water can cause you to get trapped!
  • If you get into difficulty in water, float on your back, put your arms and legs out like a star and calm your breathing and shout for help!

Relatives or friends coming to stay? – Ensure they know how they would escape a fire in your home.

  • Ensure all friends and relatives coming to stay know how they would get out of your home if a fire broke out.
  • Test your smoke alarms ahead of the jubilee weekend.

For more information about keeping safe follow our social channels at @derbyshireFRS