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Arnfield Moor Fire - Update 16:00 (28/06/18)

Firefighters from across Derbyshire (Glossop, Buxton, Clay Cross, Wirksworth and Bakewell) continue to tackle a large moorland fire on Arnfield Moor. 

An area of moorland approximately one kilometre in size, located North of Arnfield Flats and South of Windgate Edge remains affected by fire.

Officers and crews continue to work with partners from United Utilities, Peak Park Rangers, the RSPB and local game keepers to bring the incident to the quickest and safest conclusion. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services’ Wild Fire Team are also assisting along the Derbyshire boarder.

Two helicopters, provided by United Utilities, continue to drop water onto the site and water lancers are also being used to target hot spots and deep seated pockets of fire.

Group Manager Rob Taylor from Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service said: “Our crews and partners continue to fight the fire on Arnfield Moor and whilst we have been able to contain the fire and prevent any further spread, there is still a large area of moorland affected by the fire.

“Rising temperatures continue to present challenging conditions for everyone working on the moorland, however, generous donations of refreshments from our communities, have provided welcome relief from the heat. This is community spirit at its best.”

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service continues to liaise with the National Resilience Agency to ensure that Derbyshire’s response is coordinated with firefighting operations being undertaken by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, on other moors within the surrounding area.

For safety reasons, all firefighters will be withdrawn from the moor by 21.30 hours this evening.  Firefighting will resume at 04.30 hours Friday morning, before a further assessment of the situation is made at 06.30 hours.

Military assistance that has been utilised on other areas of the moor, has been declined by Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service in respect of Arnfield Moor.  A strategic decision was taken that all resources required were in place and that the militaries assistance would be better utilised at the other moorland fires being dealt with by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

Arnfield Moor fire, which is being dealt with by Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, is one of a number of moorland fires currently burning in close proximity to each other.

It is one of six sites in total (it was seven, but two have joined together) and Derbyshire Officers and Firefighters continue to support Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service with these other firefighting operations.


No further update will be provided until tomorrow morning.