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All Saints Church Mackworth Fire

Firefighters continue to work at the scene of a fire at All Saints Church in Mackworth and are expected to remain on scene into the night, damping down and checking for hot spots.

Firefighters were called to attend the fire just after 4.30pm this evening. On arrival crews were met by a well-developed fire affecting the whole church which has tragically suffered significant structural damage.

Speaking from the scene, Area Manager Clive Stanbrook said: "Unfortunately the fire was so well developed by the time firefighters arrived on scene, that the church has suffered significant structural damage.

"Our thoughts this evening go out to the community and congregation of All Saints Church who will no doubt be devastated by this tragic fire."

A joint fire investigation with our colleagues from Derbyshire Constabulary will commence tomorrow.

collage of 3 night time pictures of church in flames

PR_All_Saints_Church_Mackworth_Fire (pdf 89.58 KB)