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11 New Firefighters pass-out in Derbyshire

Five women and six men who made up training course 109, are the latest Firefighters to complete their initial training and Pass Out of training school to take up positions at fire stations across Derbyshire.

The 11 trainees have undertaken an intense 15 week training course at the Services joint police and fire training centre in Ripley, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to become a Firefighter responding to emergencies across Derbyshire and working with our communities to prevent emergencies from happening. Their training will now continue as they take up positions as Firefighters in development at fire stations across the county, gaining real life experience responding to incidents.

Due to the current Covid19 restrictions a formal Pass Out Ceremony for the trainees and their families has not been possible, however Derbyshire’s Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive Gavin Tomlinson has formerly recognised the newest additions to the Service.

Speaking at a socially distanced visit to wish them well, Chief Fire Officer Tomlinson said: “A Firefighters training course is the first step in a rewarding career serving the communities of Derbyshire. The last 15 weeks will have prepared the trainees for the type of incidents that will face responding to incidents across the county, but they will now move into the development phase of their career, where with the support of established Firefighters on station, they will get practical experience responding to real incidents.

“I think it is important to recognise the work of our fantastic training team who have not only delivered a training course under the most challenging of conditions, but they have continued to ensure the training delivered is first class.

“In addition to the support provided by all of the training team, I must acknowledge the families of our latest trainees. In any job the support of family and friends is invaluable, and the training of a Firefighter is no exception to this. Long hours of both physical and classroom based learning is demanding, so thankyou to all of the families that have supported them and I know this support will continue as they progress their career.

“Unfortunately due to the current Covid restrictions we have not been able to host a formal Pass Out Ceremony, but when the time is right and restrictions allow, I look forward to welcoming all of Course 109 along with others who have missed the opportunity to celebrate such a great achievement, back to the training centre, along with their families to mark the occasion.”

11 trainees in fire kit, stand the the Chief Fire Officer in uniform in front of a multicoloured fire engine.

The 11 new Firefighters will take up positions on watches at the following fire stations:

  • Reece Barker - Glossop Fire Station
  • Beverley Bridgwater - Long Eaton Fire Station
  • Bryan Johnson - Kingsway Fire StationDaniel Carberry - Ilkeston Fire Station
  • Haydn Johnson - Swadlincote Fire Station
  • Jessica Forster - Ascot Drive Fire Station
  • Kieran Noonan - Nottingham Road Fire Station
  • Laura O’Brien - Long Eaton Fire Station
  • Ben Merrick - Nottingham Road Fire Station
  • Zoe Mears - Ascot Drive Fire Station
  • Caroline Goodwin - Buxton Fire Station

To find out more about becoming a Firefighter visit our careers website page, or sign up for our next awareness day