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Covid-19 Supporting Our Communities

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service is supporting the communities of Derbyshire during the pandemic. 

Operational and support staff are Ready, Willing and Able, going the extra mile to provide support to our Partners and the people of Derbyshire as we face the pandemic together

firefighters in kit with blue overlay and Ready Willing Able in large white text

Ready Willing and Able

Throughout the pandemic Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service has been working with Local Resilience Forum (LRF) Partners looking to provide support to the communities of Derbyshire where possible.

Our operational and support employees continue to undertake a wide range of roles and tasks to support the community response to Covid-19. You can see an overview of this work on the infographic below.. 

As the pandemic has progressed and mass testing and vaccinations have been rolled out, we have worked with our partners to assist where needed.

Setting up mass testing sites: Fire and rescue employees have worked alongside our partners to set up five testing sites across Derbyshire at: Swadlincote, Heanor, South Normanton and Shirebrook. Firefighters have been helping to facilitate the delivery of the large quantities of supplies needed, heavy lifting and generally assisting with the logistics of setting up the sites ready for our communities to access them safely.

Trained Vaccinators:  Fire and rescue employees have also been working with St John Ambulance Service to become trained vaccinators and will be supporting the vaccine roll out across Derbyshire. 

Pharmacy Deliveries : 23,000+ Deliveries of vital medications to vulnerable members of our community on behalf of Peak Pharmacy and independent pharmacies across Derbyshire.
Prescription Deliveries : Supporting two local hospitals delivering prescriptions to patients in the community.
EMAS : 12 Operational Firefighters trained and supporting EMAS driving non blue light urgent care ambulances.
Firefighters Delivering Clinical Equipment : We are supporting NIHR to deliver research kits.
Telephone Befriending Service : 30 Support staff from across the Service have made over 130 15 minute calls to vulnerable members of the community.
Telephone Calls On Behalf Of Adult Social Care : 15 Staff contacting people shielding Making up to 40 calls per week.
Face Mask Fitting : We are assisting our NHS colleagues in providing the expertise to enable them to carry out their statutory duty in checking that face masks are suitable and that their staff are able to fit them correctly.

Images showing our employees supporting the communities of Derbyshire during Covid-19

collage of staff and appliances collecting and delivering items from local pharmacies

Supporting our community through Covid-19

A collection of stories, blogs and resources from across the service.

Our community thanking our keyworkers

Year 2 children at Carlyle Infant & Nursery Academy

montage of 6 pictures and 4 letters of thanks

The Service has received some thank you cards from year 2 children at Carlyle Infant & Nursery Academy, in Littleover. They wanted to thank all staff to say how proud they are of all of our keyworkers, helping to keep the country safe, healthy and happy.

Pictured are the lovely cards and messages sent in by the children. The staff and children say thank you to all!

Treats from a young girl called Lexi

A little girl called Lexi, 9 years old from Newbold, rang our door bell and dropped off 10 sandwich bags full of goodies and treats with a picture of the DFRS badge and a note saying "Thank you for looking after us!" We thought it was really thoughtful and it really brightened our day!!

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