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KPM Review and Target Setting 2023/24

27 FEBRUARY 2023



1) Purpose of Report

  1. To inform GPWG Members of the proposed KPM targets for the period 2023/24 and to provide a summary of changes to the current suite of KPMs to be adopted to monitor Service performance from April 2023 approved by SLT.

2) Recommendation

  1. Members to consider the report for submission to the March FRA meeting in order to agree to adopt the proposed KPM targets and recommended KPM amendments for 2023/24.

3) Information and Analysis

  1. The KPM targets proposed for approval for the year 2023/24 are outlined in appendix 1.
  2. The incident-related targets have been set in accordance with the target setting methodology implemented in 2016/17.
  3. Subject to the exceptions listed below where the 2020/21 or 2021/22 outturn was lowest and deemed not to be a normal year, the incident-related targets will again be based on the lowest annual total achieved between 2009/10 (the year of introduction of the current national Incident Recording System) and 2022/23.
  4. The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the outturn data for 2020/21 and 2021/22 has been considered as an influencing factor on some of the targets.
  5. All targets awaiting year-end 2022/23 outturn data for target confirmation will be presented to the quarter 4 Service Delivery Performance Board and the People Performance Board accordingly for approval.
  6. A meeting was held to discuss the impacts any potential industrial action may have on the current measures and reporting, outcomes will be acted upon if required.
  7. A review of the current KPM has been undertaken with the following recommended outcomes:
  8. KPM1.16 Safe and Well Checks delivered to vulnerable and targeted groups: In 2021/22 the Service set a 2-year stretched target to undertake an additional 6,000 Safe and Well Checks to make up for the shortfall due to the pandemic in 2020/21. An additional 3,000 was added to the 10,500 target for 2021/22 and 4,400 to the target for 2022/23. Based on last years outturn and this years forecasted outturn DFRS will have undertaken approximately 7,300 additional safe and well checks within the community by the end of 2022/23.
  9. This year will see the introduction of the person-centred framework to the SWCs which covers 8 core competencies, 2 of which will be an addition to the current SWC form which will increase the time it takes to complete a visit. Risk ratings for assurance purposes will also be introduced which will also impact on completion times for some visits.
  10. It is therefore recommended the 14,400 target remain the same for 2023/24 to allow for these changes to be made and become embedded within current working practices.
  11. KPM2.5 Fires in non-domestic premises: Data forecasts 2022/23 outturn data to be 127 fires in non-domestic premises, which is equal to that seen in 2020/21, our lowest ever outturn.  It is recommended not to adopt the best year methodology for the 2023/24 target as it has become unachievable, it is therefore recommended, we apply a 10% reduction to the current target (150).    
  12. It is recommended that the 15% target for KPM2.7 FSO premises interacted with is increased by 2% to 17% for 2023/24. This increased target reflects investment and changes in Protection staffing and newly qualified Station Managers also undertaking Protection-related activities.
  13. Following the review of the Risk Based Inspection Programme (RBIP), the target for KPM2.8 Audits triggered by the risk-based inspection programme was recommended to be set at an annual target of 924 (77 per month) based on a five-year average requirement to satisfy all premises that have an audit re-inspection frequency. It is recommended to retain the same target for 2023/24 as the review outcomes continue to become embedded within the organisation
  14. The current interim target for KPM2.9 SSRI Lite, was implemented to allow for the development of a new SSRI lite process and subsequently the targets.  It is recommended the Service retains the interim target until the project has been completed. The current target is based on a flat rate of 24 per WDS station per month,16 for Weekday Plus and Day Staffed stations per month and 4 for each On Call Unit per month.
  15. It is recommended that the Service retains the 82% target for KPM3.2 On Call availability – staffing and that the parameters of the KPM are changed by removing the second pumps as follows:
    • D26P2 (Clay Cross) is excluded.
    • D16M1 (Glossop), D17M1 (Matlock) and D12P2 (Swadlincote) are excluded when they are the second on-call pump, i.e., evenings and weekends for Glossop and Matlock and evenings for Swadlincote.
  16. The target for KPM3.6 SSRI Full will be the total of those sites due for inspection in 2023/24 (namely the level 5 sites last visited in 2022/23, the level 4 sites last visited in 2021/22 and the level 3 sites last visited in 2020/21).
  17. KPM4.8: Call-handling times for P1 and P2 fires. The current forecasted outturn data for 2022/23 is to achieve the 87 second target. It is recommended to reduce the target further by 1 second to 86 seconds, to allow for time lost to an unstable platform and continued staff development and recruitment.
  18. KPM8.1: Percentage of operational workforce who are from under-represented groups. This measure monitors the Service’s progress as an inclusive workplace of choice for all, one that represents and meets the needs of its diverse communities. The forecasted outturn for 2022/23 is 15%, against a target of 16%. It is recommended the target remains the same during 2023/24 as there is no planned recruitment activity for Wholetime Firefighters next year.
  19. KPM8.2: Percentage of operational workforce who are female. This measure monitors the progress of firefighter being a career of choice for women. The forecast outturn for 2022/23 is 12% against a target of 13%. It is proposed the target for 2023/24 remains at 13% as there will be no Wholetime recruitment activity during 2023/24.
  20. KPM8.3: Percentage of wholetime recruits who engaged with Positive Action. It is recommended this measure be rested for the next 12 months as there is no planned WDS recruitment in 2023/24.
  21. KPM8.4: Percentage of the DFRS workforce who are from ethnic minority background. This measure monitors the progress of firefighter being a career of choice for all, one that meets the needs of its diverse communities. The forecast outturn for 2022/23 is 3% against a target of 5%. It is proposed the target for 2023/24 remains at 5% as there will be no Wholetime recruitment activity during 2023/24.
  22. Operational Training Measures: A full review of the KPM reported on by Operational Training will be undertaken during 2023/24 to ensure we are measuring appropriate KPM in support of the CRMP and business needs. It is recommended to retain the same measures and targets for 2023/24 pending the outcomes of the review.
  23. People performance: The People performance Board is under review, a suite of KPM will be developed during 2023/24 in addition to the current measures already monitored. These measures will be aligned to the People Strategy and the workforce plan.
  24. Corporate Financial KPM: Data not available until the end of the financial year, it is recommended the Finance-related KPM be reviewed during 2023/24.

4) Options Appraisal

  1. Not applicable

5) Legal Considerations

  1. The Local Government Act 1999 requires every best value authority to secure continuous improvement in the way its functions are exercised, having regard to a combination of economy, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  2. The monitoring of performance indicators and performance standards is one measure by which the Secretary of State can assess the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of an authority.

6) Financial Considerations

  1. None; there are no additional costs to the Service regarding collation of data for and monitoring against the performance measures.

7) Inclusion and Equality Considerations

  1. This report accords fully with the KPM Review and Target Setting Equality Impact Assessment.

8) Further Considerations

  1. None

This report has been consulted upon and approved by the following officers:
AM Stanbrook, AM Moreland, AM Johal, GM Pick, GM Williams, GM Stevens, GM Bleakman, GM Diggins, GM Perrott, H Minion, H Haddon, SM Pointon, N Glossop, L Rowbottom, M Nash, SLT (15/02/22).

Contact Officer:   Carl Wilton                       Contact No:   01773 305332

Appendix 1

KMP Review & Target Setting 2023-24 (pdf 186.53 KB)