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Confirm the Minutes of the I&E Meeting held on 6 December 2022

    ITEM 6


  • Cllr Jack Woolley (Chair) 
  • Cllr Sue Burfoot 
  • Cllr Ludwig Ramsey 
  • Cllr David Taylor 
  • Tania Stevenson 
  • Rob Taylor 
  • Clive Stanbrook 
  • Louise Taylor 
  • David Diggins 
  • Gina Staley 

Committee Clerk: Marie Lloyd-Jones 


  • Cllr Evonne Williams 
  • Gavin Tomlinson 
  • Lee Smith 
  • Paul Moreland 
  • Mick Wyldbore-Wood 

1. Declarations of Interest 

There were no declarations of interest from Members. 

2. Minutes of the Inclusion & Equality Board Meeting held on  

6 September 2022 

The minutes were agreed as an accurate record. 

3. Minutes of the Independent Community Inclusion Board (ICIB) Meeting held on 8 September 2022 

The minutes were noted. 

4. Public Sector Equality Duty Report (PSED) 

Members noted that wide scale strategic training sessions have taken place to administer PSED.   

The Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) is out for consultation and PSED is incorporated into the document.  The I&E team are developing ways for Heads of Departments to monitor and assure. 

The central team will facilitate but it is the responsibility of all departments to keep driving forward.   

5. Positive Action  

Members noted that positive action is taking place throughout all roles including support and on-call and communications for attraction is being produced.  A positive action structure will be produced by the I&E team similar to Police for everyone to follow.  

The HMIC report is expected in January with themes around positive action. Comments will be measured and a benchmark put in place for future. 

Members noted that visits still take place to Year 2 and 6 children in schools. 

6. Report on Inclusion Activities 

Members noted: 

  • Inclusion activities are now consciously more data driven.   

  • The I&E team are working through the cultural survey results. 

  • SLT and I&E have discussed and noted the London Fire Brigade report.  The introduction of Body Worn Cameras into Derbyshire is not linked to the Report and clear communication is required. 

  • The Joint Police/Fire Cadet Pilot Scheme at Buxton is proving successful and the cadets are working towards a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

  • Investment has been made into finalising a multi-faith room at HQ which will be rolled out to all new fire stations.  Wudu facilities have also been installed in the toilets at HQ.   

  • Derbyshire Fire Service applied for the Inclusive Company Award and were placed 19th out of 50 various companies both private and public which is testament to the work of the I&E Team. 

7. Presentation on Inclusion and Equality in the Fire and Rescue Service 

Members noted a presentation from Cllr Ramsay on Inclusion and Equality within the Fire and Rescue Service and agreed that there is a requirement to stretch targets to set and improve EDI that are supported by robust delivery plans. 

8. Any Other Business 

Cllr Woolley, on behalf of the Fire Authority, thanked the team for their continued work with regard to Inclusion and Equality. Thanks were also noted to Siobhan Donnelly who has now left the Service.  The role is being reviewed and will be recruited to differently.