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Incident reports and fire investigation reports

As a public service Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service maintains complete transparency with the public. 

The Authority or its Officers reserve the right to refuse any request made for a Special 'non-emergency' Service.

Abstract Incident Record report (IRS)

You can request an Abstract Incident Record Report using the form below. For Fire Investigation Reports please use the Fire Investigation form.

An Abstract Incident Record Report can be provided to Housing Associations, Solicitors, Insurance/Claims Companies and Owners/Occupiers of properties affected. Upon receipt of your request, you will be contacted and advised of the appropriate fee (if applicable), the payment methods available and if a Form of Authority/evidence of residency is required.

We use our Incident Recording System (IRS) to retrieve data to produce the Abstract Incident Record Report. It should be noted that in providing information from official reports Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service accepts no legal responsibility for the accuracy of its suppositions and conclusions which are compiled primarily for its own guidance and statistical information.

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Fire Investigation Reports

You can request a Fire Investigation Report using the form below. For Abstract Fire Reports please use the Abstract Fire Report form.

This form should be used by solicitors or insurance companies requesting the information if acting on behalf of a victim. If you are an individual requesting information you will be required to complete a Form of Authority. A fee will apply in both instances.

Please Note: Not all incidents will receive a Fire Investigation Report.

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Applicable Fees

Hourly Charges (Excluding VAT)

Role Proposed From 1/4/21 (£) Proposed From 1/4/22 (£) Proposed from 1/4/23 (£) Proposed from 1/4/24 (£)
Operational Firefighters        
Firefighter (Competent) 55.00 58.00 62.00 66.00
Crew Manager 61.00 64.00 69.00 73.00
Watch Manager B 66.00 70.00 75.00 80.00
Station Manager B 79.00 84.00 90.00 96.00
Group Manager B 91.00 96.00 103.00 109.00
Area Manager B 104.00 110.00 118.00 125.00
Control Staff        
Firefighter (Competent) 46.00 49.00 53.00 56.00
Crew Manager 50.00 53.00 57.00 61.00
Watch Manager B 56.00 59.00 63.00 67.00
Station Manager B 64.00 68.00 73.00 78.00
APTC&C Graded staff charged at current salary point + 24% on-costs variable variable variable variable
Primary Authority Scheme Hourly Rate (WM) - - - 80.00
Major Appliance  198.00 209.00 224.00 238.00
Light van/car 56.00 59.00 63.00 67.00
Portable Pumps 56.00 59.00 63.00 67.00

Report Fees and Special Service Charges (Excluding VAT)

Service Proposed from 01/04/2021 (£) Proposed from 01/04/22 (£) Proposed from 01/04/2023 (£) Proposed from 01/04/2024 (£)
Abstract of Fire Reports 77.00 81.00 87.00 92.00
Fire Investigation Report 281.00 297.00 319.00 339.00

Report Fees and Special Service Charges (Excluding VAT)

All fees are rounded to the nearest whole pound.

Payment Methods

We currently accept the following payment methods: BAC transfersInternet Transfer and Bank Giro. Payable to Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Authority. Abstract and Investigation reports are required to be paid for prior to release.

* the fees are subject to an annual change. You may qualify to be exempt from these charges.