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Belper Fire Station is an On-Call fire station in the town of Belper, Derbyshire and responds to incidents predominantly in Belper as well as the surrounding areas of Ambergate, Openwoodgate, Blackbrook, Milford, Holbrook, Nether Heage and Kilburn. It is staffed by one Watch Manager, two Crew Managers and up to 14 Firefighters. The station has one fire engine, a prime mover vehicle which can be mobilised as a breathing apparatus support vehicle or a firefighter welfare unit for large incidents, and a light vehicle (van).

Contact Numbers

Contact Numbers

General Fire Service Enquiries: 01773 305305



Matlock Road
DE56 1BE

District: Amber Valley

Duty System


On-Call Stations are staffed by Firefighters who are members of the community and are paid to respond to emergencies. They do not staff the fire station 24 hours a day like full-time firefighters on the wholetime duty system. They are notified of an emergency call via a personal pager, which they carry with them when they are on duty. On-Call Firefighters will book themselves available for fire calls and, if a call comes in during the hours they have agreed to be on call, they must reach the fire station within the allocated time usually within 5 minutes of receiving the pager message.

Most of our On-Call Firefighters are in full-time employment, with an agreement from their employers to leave to attend an emergency call and nearly all carry out their community engagement, prevention and protection duties.


On Call Training : Mondays 19:00 - 21:30 hours

Station Key Personnel

Watch Manager

The Watch Manager is identified from the role markings shown & wears a navy blue shirt. Their primary duty, is the running of the station and the management of the staff attached to that location. They are the officer in-charge of the fire appliance & take charge of incidents that they attend.

Crew Manager

The Crew Manager is identified by the role markings shown & wears a navy blue shirt. This person assists the Watch  Manager in the delivery of their duties, which includes standing in for them in their absence.This person rides on the fire appliance as a crew member but also has the qualifications to be in charge of an incident when required.

Fire fighter

Firefighters wear a navy blue shirt but do not have any role markings. Their primary role is to undertake the general duties required for the daily running of the fire station and forms the remainder of the crew that staff the appliance attached to that particular location.

Station Appliances

Water Ladder Pump

Water Ladder Pump

Able to attend all fire service incidents. Crewed by 3-6 staff.

  • 1800 Ltr water tank
  • Godiva 2010 world series multi pressure pump or Prima multi pressure pump
  • Carries a 13.5m or 10.5m ladder , a short extension ladder, a 9m ladder and a roof ladder
  • Newer appliances carry 100 litres of foam.

Netras Unit with Pods

Netras Unit with Pods

Welfare Pod
The welfare pod is transported to the incident by the Netras Unit. It carries three chemical toilets (one female, male and disabled) for welfare at prolonged incidents. It has hot water hand cleaning facilities and cubicles large enough to change clothes if required. The welfare pod is base at Belper and is staffed by On-Call personnel.

Breathing Apparatus Support Pod
This pod, transported by the Netras unit, carries 20 charged BA cylinders, a main control board, gas tight suits and liquid chemical protection suits. It is used to support large scale incidents where a large number of BA wearers are deployed. It does not have the capability or facility to recharge BA cylinders.

Station Stats

Incidents Attended in Station Admin Area (Any Appliance)

Incident Type

2020/21 2021/22 2022/23 Total 

House fire

5 9 4 18

Other building fire

5 5 1 11

Vehicle fire

5 2 2 9

Outdoor fire

21 49 27 97

Road traffic collision

9 7 10 26

False alarms attended

42 23 42 107

Other non-fire incident

17 25 16 58


104 120 102 326