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Fire Response Division

“Making Derbyshire Safer” 


The Response Portfolio is responsible for providing our Services to the Public and ensuring that our Staff, Fire Engines, Fire Stations and Equipment are fit and ready to respond in times of emergency.

The Portfolio is made up of operational officers, firefighters, control room operators and support employees

Our Priorities

  • Saving Life
  • Protecting People & Property From Fires and Other Emergencies
  • Providing Humanitarian Services
  • Protecting the Environment

Our Mission

Prevention, Protection, Responding

Response has progressively changed the focus of its Service Delivery from reacting to emergencies as they occur (Responding), to preventing them from happening in the first place (Prevention). 

We also operate a programme of Community engagement and education, as well as assessment of the Built and Natural Environment, to ensure that our communities are kept safe from harm (Protection).

Our Risk Focused Operating Model

The risks our Communities face today have changed enormously as a consequence of changes to society.  Acts of terrorism and natural phenomenon such as climate change have all contributed to this change. 

Response work to identify foreseeable risks within the geographical area of each Community Fire Station and then develop plans to actively manage and reduce those risks.

In addition to fighting fires, responding to road traffic collisions and attending other emergencies, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service is helping to keep Communities safe by working in partnership with the Police, Health Services, Local Authorities and other Agencies to plan for major incidents such as train derailments, floods, chemical leaks and terrorist attacks.

Emergency Response Standards

Operating from thirty-one Community Fire Stations across the County, with approximately seven hundred and fifty operational personnel that are managed through the Brigades FireControl Room in Derby, Response provides a full 24/7/365 service. 

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service’s Response Standards remain amongst the fastest and highest in the Country.  Our standards are:

  • We will attend any Life Risk Emergency within ten minutes of being alerted e.g. Fire, Vehicle Entrapment, Water Rescue. We will achieve this on at least 80% of occasions.
  • Each Appliance (Fire Engine) will have a Crew of five Firefighters on at least 80% of occasions. We occasionally ride with a Crew of four Firefighters to account for training or short periods of absence.
  • We will answer 90% of all emergency calls in 10 seconds.

Our Services

Response is equipped to:

  • Answer 999 emergency calls.

Respond to a variety of different incidents such as:

  • Fires – domestic, commercial, environmental etc.
  • Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) and Large Transport Incidents LCV, Trains, Planes etc.
  • Water Rescue 
  • Flooding
  • Rescue from Height and/or Depth
  • Hazardous Materials and Environmental Protection 
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Response 
  • Terrorism and Non Terrorist Major Incidents 
  • National Incident Support with High Volume Pump and Water Rescue Capability

If you would like to know more about the work we carry out to make Derbyshire Safer, or are interested in working for the Service, you can call into any one of our Fire Stations and the crew will be happy to give you more information. Alternatively you can contact me via our website.

Bob Curry
Area Manager – Fire Response

fire response division


  • AM (Area Manager)
  • WM (Watch Manager)
  • GM (Group Manager)
  • CM (Crew Manager)
  • SM (Station Manager)
  • FF (Fire Fighter)