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Fire Control

Fire Control's prime responsibility is to accept fire and rescue 999 calls and then to mobilise the most appropriate fire appliances, officers and equipment based on the type of incident.

They deal not just with fire incidents but also with:

  • Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs)
  • Hazardous Spillage's and Leaks
  • Cliff Rescues
  • Explosions and Bomb Threats
  • Flooding and other weather related incidents
  • Trapped people and animals
  • Sewer Rescues
  • Dangerous structure investigations
  • Suicides

They also process fire crews requests for any additional information and/or resources including:

  • Chemical information
  • Building plans
  • Public utilities
  • External organisations
  • Other emergency services

Fire Control Department Tri-Service

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service forms part of a Tri-Service with Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Services, to provide of an effective and efficient emergency Fire Control Department dealing with:

  • Emergency Special Service Calls
  • Communicating within the Tri-Service to mobilise resources in relation to mutual assistance calls
  • Responding to and dealing with administrative calls, providing updates for DFRS social media sites as appropriate and handling requests for information from members of the press/media in an appropriate manner.