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Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service values the views and opinions of its communities and invites the public to 'have their say' on consultations currently being undertaken.

Current Consultations

There are no current consultations ongoing.

Previous Consultations

Once a consultation has concluded publicly, results and commentary will be made available below. Just click on the consultation in which you are interested.

Medium Term Financial Strategy 2019-23

This consultation has now finished.

IRMP 2017-2021

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Authority (DFRA) is required to produce and publish an Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP). This plan is a core strategic document which drives all our work to respond to all foreseeable risks in Derbyshire. 

We manage risk through our activities in Prevention, Protection and Response, and are always looking for other ways to improve how we work. Our ‘Service development themes’ provide the strategic focus for us to do this. They are similar to those we have used previously and we hope to follow these strategic statements to concentrate our work for the challenges we face in 2017- 2021. In addition, each year from 2017-21 we will develop an action plan which will give direction to our work activities. We consulted on the draft IRMP between 5th December 2016 and 12th February 2017 and the report of this consultation can be found below. This was reported to Fire Authority on 16th March 2017.

This consultation has now finished.