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Entry requirements

Details of the basic entry requirements, skills and abilities that are need to become an on-call firefighter.

Entry requirements

  • Minimum of 18 years of age on appointment
  • Have a full valid UK manual car driving licence
  • Able to attend the weekly training night on station on the allocated night each week
  • Provide on call availability as required by the relevant station
  • Be able to reach the station within the allocated time usually 5-7 minutes during your availability
  • If employed permission from your employer must be sought even if you are not responding to fire calls whilst at work
  • Have a good level of aerobic fitness and strength to enable you to undertake fire fighting duties
  • Able to pass medical and eyesight examinations to ensure you are fit to undertake firefighting duties
  • Able to swim 100m unaided

Training schedule

The basic training of on-call firefighters takes place at the Joint Training Centre (JTC) in Ripley. All trainees must be able to attend all of the training course.

Modular Course Schedule

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Week 1         Induction Basic Skills Basic Skills
Week 2           Basic Skills Basic Skills
Week 3           Off Off
Week 4 BA BA BA BA BA Off Off
Week 5 BA BA BA BA BA Off Off
Week 6 BA BA BA BA BA Off Off
Week 7           RTC RTC
Week 8         RTC RTC RTC