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Biker Down

Biker Down is a 3 hour course covering accident scene management, first aid and the science of being seen.

In 2019 there were 9 fatal accidents in Derbyshire involving motorcycles which represents 40% of all road deaths . Although this is down from 11 in 2018 the percentage has risen as there were considerably fewer deaths in car accidents.

The Biker Down course

It consists of a 3 hour presentation covering accident scene management, first aid and the science of being seen. At the end of the course the candidates receive a free Biker first Aid kit, a certificate and Biker Down badge. 

The feedback has been fantastic and many reviews can be found on Facebook and Twitter. For further information please email

Module 1 Accident scene management

This teaches what to do before the arrival of the emergency services.

Module 2 First aid

This teaches members of the public how to deal with a catastrophic bleed and use a tourniquet. How to perform CPR and how and when you would remove a helmet.

Module 3 The science of being seen

This teaches advanced riding techniques that will make people more visible to other road users. It includes road positioning and observation skills as well as many other tips and suggestions.

Collaboration with the Police

Derbyshire is the only Fire service that works jointly with the Police to reduce motorcycle deaths.

We are still seeing a great number of motorcycle fatalities and we are addressing this problem by delivering Biker Down in collaboration with the Police with their safety campaign UpRight

The UpRight campaign encourages riders to upskill and take advanced rider training. Many riders pass their test in their teens or 20s and never have any more tuition. There are also discounts to encourage motorcyclists to complete a ROSPA or IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorcyclist) course through UpRight.